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July 21, 2012

Mad Hatter

Since the Great Stashening I've had a bee in my bonnet about using up all my odds and ends. I want to knit them all! Now! I began with a helix hat (same basic recipe as always).

This one is Noro Cash Laine, Lamb's Pride Worsted, Classic Elite Kumara, Rowan Kid Classic, Julia and who knows what else.

Then I cast on and knit the ribbing on a plain hat in Naturally Harmony 10 Ply that I have had in my stash and planned to knit into a hat since I got the yarn as a freebie at Madrona in 2006. I took it to see Batman last night and finished it this afternoon.

Oh, I also made a really ugly hodgepodge hat yesterday with some leftover bulky scraps.

Then I started an Aviatrix which I haven't completed yet with some Rowanspun DK.

Then in about 20 minutes or so this afternoon I knit a hat with some Dale Ara that has been lying around since 2004. 2004! I bought it make a fricking poncho for Pete's sake! The poncho never happened and I've used it bit by bit over the last eight years.

Nope, that's not a pickle. It's a hat. Honest.

This is almost the last of it. There was a tiny nub left and I'm using it to make another hat!

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