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January 17, 2014


Ugh, guys. Just ugh. I finished the yoke for Ravi, separated the sleeves and have knit a few inches. I tried it on last night and the fit is perfect. It's exactly what I wanted. The openwork hits well above the fullest part of my bust, the underarm length is just right. I was so pleased with myself.

So pleased that I brought it outside this afternoon to photograph. I laid it out. I snapped a picture.

"Huh, what's that?"

That, sadly, is where I worked the wrong line of the openwork pattern. It's right on the front of the sweater. Right at the very beginning. My choices are 1) live with it or 2) rip out the entire sweater and start again. My gut is saying just ignore it and move on. Most people won't notice. Unfortunately I will notice. I'm sad.

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