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February 22, 2014

I Wove!

I have been making a slow, rocky approach to weaving for...oh, I don't know...five years? I took a class. I took an online class. Today I took another class. We had our rigid heddle weaving class at the Fiber Gallery and I decided to sit in. I brought in the two shades of Cascade 220 I used for my now abandoned Circular Stranded Surprise Jacket. I didn't have quite enough so I supplemented with some Kauni leftovers from the shop.

You know what they say. 73,000,000th times the charm. I warped the loom and wove a scarf in five hours. Boom.

I won't get cocky and pretend that I'll have the same level of success weaving by myself at home but I might give it a go again. Time to full this baby and deal with the fringe.

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