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March 22, 2015

Handspun Woven Scarf

My #handspun scarf is blocked and the fringe is trimmed.

Yarn: Polwarth (dyed by Judith Mackenzie) plied with Corriedale Cross plus a little leftover 3-ply Corridale from my Linney sweater
Loom: 10" Cricket
Notes: I put on a 100" warp of the Polwarth/Corriedale. It's a frequently repeated untruth that you can't weave with handspun yarn. Which is absurd because until the industrial revolution that's all anyone ever wove with! But people say it all the time. I had no problems using this soft 2-ply as a warp. It might not have been strong enough for my table loom but the Cricket is pretty gentle on yarn, I think. I didn't know how much of the yarn I would have left for the weft (it turned out to be 100 grams for the warp with only 65 grams left for the weft) so I added in stripes of the 3-ply. It not only gives a color contrast but also a texture since the 3-ply is very round in comparison to the 2-ply. I remembered to hemstitch this one so I just trimmed the fringe to finish.

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