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May 25, 2015

Work Whirlwind

I'm six (straight) days into my new job (Operations Lead at Sephora U Village). I'm a little overloaded right now. Everything is new. I'm learning, learning,  learning every day and moving, moving, moving. The pace is ridiculously brisk. It's like it's the busiest day of the year at my old job, but every day. Currently I'm a little overwhelmed by it all, totally exhausted and really loving it.

I'm also adjusting to a totally new schedule. I have lots to do each day before the store opens so I work each day starting at six or seven in the morning. Last night I planned on going to bed at 9:45 but ended up going to sleep even earlier!

I've barely touched my knitting. I ended up ripping out several rows from my Pebble Beach shawl sometime this past week and am still in negative-knitting territory. I'm headed to Purlygirls tonight and hopefully won't fall asleep while I'm there.

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