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March 29, 2004


Holy cow was it hot today! I heard it was going to be "nice" today. I was not expecting 80+°, clear, sunny and gorgeous! I took my younger son to the beach with some preschool friends. We were completely unprepared, wearing jeans and long sleeves. It was roasting. I got a slight burn. My son had a wonderful time and asked to go again before we got back in the car (by which point he was wearing only Blue's Clues underpants...ah to be 3 again).

I met the Purlygirls tonight and we had 25 (that's twenty-five) knitters tonight. It was wonderful. I worked on my can-knit-without-looking-or-thinking GE Cardi. I'm on one of the front sides now. There were scarves, socks, felted bags, Rowan sweaters, Manos, Baby Cashmerino and ribbon yarn as far as the eye could see.

Now that I'm back home I'm working on my Shapely Tank. I've just started the bust short rows. This means I've almost caught up to where I was before I had to frog the whole flippin' thing. Here's a progress picture.

Here's the cardigan front too.

Word to the wise: Don't order yarn after midnight. I ordered some lovely Noro Lily around 1 am from Patternworks. It arrived today. I ordered less than half of what I needed and the yarn is now gone since it was a sale item. What was I thinking? My only thought was that I saw grams in the pattern suggested yarn and thought it said yards? Ah, who the hell knows. Now I have to come up with a new project for approximately 300 yards of lovely burgundy-red silk/cotton yarn. Any ideas?

The horse is also puzzled.

How the horses ended up living on my desk. They were mine when I was little and I've been letting my boys play with them. My oldest decided he didn't want to play with them anymore and kept handing them to me while I was online. I put them down and they've been here ever since. At least they don't shed or yak on the floor like some of the animals I share my office with