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March 13, 2004

Life's a Picknit

I went to a picknit today. Someone in one of my Stitch 'N Bitch groups had the great idea of getting together at the park for some picnicking and knitting. I had errands to run and could only go for an hour or so but it was still a nice break in the day.

The No-Sweats are creeping toward completion. I have stitched up the outside seams and have joined the legs. I'm about 4 inches up the body. Sewing up these seams is so dull. It feels like miles of sewing. The two legs that I knit together were a snap to stitch though. They matched up perfectly and the seam looks great. The other leg...well, it's not as good. I'm going to be out for the entire day and evening tomorrow and this project isn't that portable at this point. I hope I'll finish it tomorrow but there's no guarantee.

Then it's time to cast on for some spring knitting!