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March 15, 2004

So Close, Yet So Far

I'm about a row and a half from the end of my No-Sweats. I've sewed up all the seams already so all I need to do after I bind off is weave in a few ends and crochet my drawstring. I will post a picture as soon as they get done. I'm currently sitting for three three-year-olds so not much knitting happening. I'm also waiting for the furnace repair guy. The circuit board blew out in ours yesterday afternoon. It's 59 degrees in the living room. Brrr.

I thought I had a really good shot at winning Wendy's limerick contest. Turns out, I didn't! I still like my entry a lot.

The young knitter's wits were unfurling
As her cardigan sweater kept curling.
Her plaintive voice cracked
As her forehead she smacked,
"I'm knitting when I should be purling!"

Wes and I also made up a really bad, goofy one.

While sitting around on my duff-a,
I realized I'd had quite enough-a.
The sweater I knit
Refuses to fit.
I wish I could knit more like Fluffa!

Okay, the furnace guys is here. The kids are building a pillow fort. Back to my pants.