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April 18, 2004

Super Sized Weekend

This was a big movie weekend. Wes and I finally watched In the Mood for Love, which we received from Netflix in January. It was lovely. That Wong Kar-Wei really can create atmosphere. Today we had a screening for our film series. We had a hard time getting a film this month and ended up showing Happy Hour. Then tonight I got to see a free screening of a Super Size Me. And the director, Morgan Spurlock, was there for Q&A. It was a great film. It was repulsive. It was beyond repulsive. I was very pleased a few weeks ago when my five year old, out of the blue, was trying to find a toy he got from McDonald's. But since we stopped letting the kids eat there about two years ago he couldn't remember what the restaurant was called. He just remembered the big yellow "M." Progress, I guess.

I worked on the second Sherbet Ripple while I waited on line for the movie. I'm just starting the heel flap. The woman next to me asked if I was knitting or crocheting. Why do people always ask that? Anyway, she wanted to know how long it took to make a pair of socks. Then when I sat down in the theater the woman sitting next to me said, "Oh, you're the knitter from the lobby." I'm famous, I tell ya.

Oh! And I'm going to interview for a job on Thursday at a new knitting shop! Busy, busy, busy.