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June 20, 2004

Call a Medic!

I have contracted an acute case of startitis. These are the projects that I started yesterday.

On the left in light blue is some Classic Cotton for making the Fiesta tea set from the latest Interweave Knits. I stalled out because I don't have any size three double points. The there's the dark sage green Kidsilk Haze for making a small lace scarf from the Vogue on the Go! Scarves Two book. I stalled out after about four rows because I had either added a stitch accidentally or never had the right number to begin with. Darn that fuzzy dark yarn! I couldn't see a thing. Plus with the heat I was worried that I was going to felt the yarn with my sweaty hands. So I moved on to the red and black poppy from Magknits. I knit it in Lamb's Pride Worsted. I wasn't crazy about how the pattern was written so I stopped to rewrite it for myself (after ripping out two petals). I'm also not crazy about how she wrote the bobble pattern. Mine looks pretty lame. And then there are the missing construction diagrams... But I finished knitting it and now it needs to be felted. Lastly, just before bed, I began casting on for the Waving Lace socks from the Spring IK. What's my problem?

Friday and Saturday were knitting-filled days for me. On Friday I spent the morning at a friend's house knitting and catching up while the kids played. Then in the afternoon I had a knitting moms playdate. A group of us got together for a few hours at the park and sat in the shade and knit while the kids played. Ah. A great way to spend the afternoon. I also completed my first crocheted object ever. I made a flower from the instructions on Georgia's blog.

On Saturday I had made plans with some Purlygirls (including Amy and her sweet little baby) to go to the sidewalk sale at Acorn Street. We looked around a lot but no one walked away with many bargains. There was lots of discontinued colors in Debbie Bliss yarns and several Jo Sharp yarns but nothing that worked for any of my current want-to-make projects. If I wasn't broke I probably would have picked up enough Merino Aran for a sweater. Oh well. We moved up the block for a lovely lunch at Queen Mary. We all had good food and then split a HUGE piece of a really delicious coconut cake.

A few of us wanted to continue knitting after lunch and someone suggested Arosa Cafe. I wanted to go because I know the owner but hadn't been there yet. It also happens to be next door to Tricoter. Well Tricoter was having a big sale too. Everything was 25% off and some items were 50% off. Now Tricoter has really, really high prices so the 25% pretty much brought the prices down to normal retail. I did get a skein of Kidsilk Haze (the sage green above for the scarf) from the clearance bin. I also bumped into another knitter I know (Sandy who has been working on and off on the Koigu kimono for two years--it's amazing). So she joined us at the Cafe. We sat in air-conditioned comfort, drank iced coffee and knit the afternoon away.

Wes had a screening to attend last night which gave me the time to knit and reknit my felted flower and start all these other projects. I needed a break from all the 2x2 ribbing in the Candy Sam. The back is almost done. But, man, does it go slowly.

Today we have nothing on out schedule. At all. I can't recall the last time this has happened. So we are loafing around and letting the kids watch some tv before heading to our local wading pool--with my knitting, of course. Have a great day everyone!