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July 5, 2005

How Jessica Got Her Groove Back

Last night, after having spent a lot of the day working on my second Whitby sock, I decided to give my spinning a go again. I spent a while working on the green merino/mohair. I did all right. I was feeling a bit better but I was still aggravated by my glacial pace. Glancing around my office I saw some half full and full bobbins lying around. I decided to do a little spinning house cleaning and finally plied the last of the slubby/fuzzy yarn. This last batch is a lot finer than the first. When I finally got some hand cards my preparation improved which lead to better spinning. It's still quite slubby and fuzzy.

My plying skills also leave a lot to be desired.

Then I spotted the pink fleece I got off of eBay a while back. I have two batches. One is very, very, very clean. The other is, sadly, not. I started working with the clean fleece. I just used a flick carder to tease out the locks and spun away. It was like magic. I realized that my trouble with the merino/mohair was that it's slippery. It's very slick and I've never spun either fiber before. This other wool, I can't recall the breed, is sticky but smooth. It practically spins itself. I kept working on it. I got into a groove. I stayed up until 1:30. I'm tired but feeling good. I can't wait to test-ply some of it.