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July 5, 2005

Spinning at Windmills

Last night, some time well after midnight as I sat spinning my pink fleece (just found out it's Romney, by the way) I had a vision. Perhaps it was a dream because I think I dozed off there for a moment or two. As I spun I thought, "What will I do with this pound and a half of fingering weight pink yarn?" "And the half pound of coordinating burgundy." And as I sat there thinking--or dreaming--it came to me. The Union Square Market Pullover. Is this pure stupidity? Probably. Will I ever finish spinning the yarn? Probably not. But impelled by my curiosity to see if I was spinning something even close to the right gauge I spun another ounce today and plied it. I was mildly fixated on getting this done tonight.*

Click for a close up of the candy-striping.

I measured and weighed the skein. I came out to about 133 yds and exactly 50 grams. No lie.

Crazy, huh?

So I immediately knit up a small half-assed swatch. I was so excited I used the wrong size needle. I was still able to massage the swatch into a shape that fit the stitch gauge but not the row gauge.

So, is this pure folly?

*Meaning, I did not get up at any point from when Wes came home from work to when he left for a meeting an hour later and only reluctantly left my wheel to put the kids in bed and eat a bowl of Raisin Bran for dinner.**

**I did pause to make a new banner for Wendy's blog.