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October 9, 2005


Okay, just crawled out of bed. Felt really crummy earlier.

The Spin-In was from 10 to 4 yesterday aty Weaving Works. I've met nearly everyone who attended at least once before at this point. I sat next to the same woman I sat next to at the last Spin-In several months ago. Now our sons go to the same school so we had a lot to talk about besides fiber. There was a huge contingent there with Lendrum double treadle wheels (a bunch in the 25th anniversary walnut). I think that will be my next wheel. I love my Ashford, but portable it ain't.

Early in the day Shirley (Shaw from Weaving Works) pulled out several bags of alpaca blankets (the term for alpaca "fleece") to tempt us. They looked at me longingly all day batting their silky eyelashes but I was able to resist. I kept telling myself that there will always be more fiber and that these were not the last alpacas on Earth. I did take some time to fondle it all though. Ooo baby.

One woman was spinning a dyed combed silk top. I just watched a Patsy Z video on spinning silk last week so I was pretty interested to see her spin it. Another woman also got intrigued and ran downstairs and got some silk "hankies" and tried spinning it. It produced this teeny thread with a bit of texture. It was fascinating to watch. I did buy a tiny bit of the hankies and a bit of combed Bombyx top before I left just to play with.

All in all, a lovely day of spinning. Then I got to knit with Marti and Molly all night!

This morning I finished up the merino/mohair and plied it.

I swatched some too. 8 stitches to the inch of US1s. Just right for socks. Woohoo.