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February 23, 2006

Ted's Arm Band

My seven year old on his knitting:
"It's pretty fun and hard. I liked it a lot and I did it mostly with my mom. I was going to make a scarf but then I decided to make a wristband. I did wristband because it wouldn't take as long as a scarf. It was complicated but pretty fun. I didn't really know about the tail part. My mom told me it was a part you need to sew in when you're done. The wristband sort of reminds me of Spider-man. It reminds me of Spider-man because it looked like his wrist cartridge holder."

I've been trying to teach my son to knit for a long time. He was interested since he was about 5 but didn't have the dexterity to manipulate the yarn and needles. Later he simple lacked the patience to learn a new skill. I've tried not to push him on it but when he expressed interest I would take out some needles and explain it again. For some reason it just clicked for him the other day. I've given him wooden circulars instead of the small plastic straights I had given him before. They aren't as slippery and he doesn't have to worry about dropping one.