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February 24, 2006


When I picked my Olympic Knitting I made several miscalculations.
  • Madrona cut out most of three days' knitting.
  • I had to work last Sunday instead of spending the entire day knitting.
  • This pattern lacks charts.
  • I might not have enough yarn.
  • I am bored shitless of knitting the same damn thing day in and day out.
  • I have begun to resent my knitting and find other things to do with my time besides knit(!).
  • My children have been home all this week for mid-winter break.
  • Wes has back to work after being home for three months leaving me on my own with the above-mentioned nutso kids.
  • I am a slower knitter than I thought.*

At this point I'll be lucky to finish the sleeves by the closing on Sunday. I do hope to spend all day Sunday knitting. Of course, that's what I thought last week.

*People often tell me that I'm a fast knitter because I finish a lot of projects. I always say that I'm really not that fast. Guess I was right.